dailybell: PhatasieMechanik Opening

Friday, February 22, 2008

PhatasieMechanik Opening

This evening was the opening of the PhantasieMechanik at phaeno, the science museum in Wolfsburg. We found one visitor just hanging around the entrance when it was time to ring the bells and he was happy to participate.
We've been here at phaeno all week setting up for the show. It's a great show. Norman has several pieces in it. There is an incredible collection of small mechanical sculptures from Great Britain called the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Arthur Gansonhas selections from his work, and there is a wonderfully romantic and theatrical installation from Russian artists living in Glasgow called Sharmanka Theatre. Sculptor Eduard Bersudsky and theatre maker Tatyana Jakovskaya established Sharmanka in 1988. They were joined by lighting designer and technical director Sergey Jakovsky in 1992.

Anyone near Wolfsburg, Germany between now and the end of June should come to phaeno. It's a great interactive museum and it's right across from the AutoStadt and giant Volkswagen factory.

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