dailybell: SUNRISE 2/17/08

Sunday, February 17, 2008

SUNRISE 2/17/08

Heeeeeeeeeere Comes the Sun

I wasn't trying to be artsy with the camera orientation in the second part of the movie. I was just so tired that I forgot that I was shooting a movie and not holding a still camera. It was hard to tell when the sun was passing the horizon, so I started to guess when the sky first began to show color. As different bands of color began to form and the sky continued to lighten ever so gradually, I began to realize that that first movie wasn't the sunrise at all. Maybe that was "dawn's early light". Anyway, that's when I decided to shoot another little movie and by that time I was bleary eyed and fuzzy headed from the all night plane ride and continually watching and trying to decide if it was sunrise yet. Hence the sideways view.

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