dailybell: SUNSET 2/23/08

Saturday, February 23, 2008

SUNSET 2/23/08

Leaving the Station

There were so many policemen all around the museum and the train station. When we walked through the tunnel underground to get to our track there were black uniformed men lining both sides of the tunnel. There was even a single policeman standing in front of us at the end of the tunnel. At least a dozen men in all. Above the ground they were everywhere- little green cars all over the place, and we couldn't figure out why. While we were standing on the platform waiting for the train we asked another person who was also waiting is she knew why there were so many police. She looked mildly disgusted and said they were there because of the local soccer game in Wolfsburg. Her disgust was not with the police presence but with the fact that there was a need for them at all. She said she couldn't understand why the fans were so rowdy. Except for the alcohol.

Anyway, when the train came we got on and the three of us rang the tiny bells as the train pulled out of the station and we got underway.

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