dailybell: The Glove Got in the Way

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Glove Got in the Way

The evening looked about the same as the morning- same shade of uniform grey. So I thought "How perfect. I will go out to the same spot and shoot the same images again. Only this time with different bells". It was magical.

Imagine this. This time, there is an infestation of birds and they are just sitting in those trees. The trees are bare and the branches black. The birds are black and silent and large. It is "The Birds". There are hundreds of them motionless in the tops of those trees. Huddling. Songless silhouettes.

Suddenly - the voices of children running in the distance and en masse the birds fly into the air. They fly around overhead in several factions. Soon they are like specks of ash swirling. I was so thrilled. I couldn't believe I was actually filming at that precise moment. It turns out, I wasn't.

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