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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunrise Stills

Well, it was more difficult to tell when the sun was rising at 35, 000 ft. than it was to tell when it was setting. So I took lots of still pictures thinking that it was the right time only to wait a few minutes and figure out that the sun had not if fact made an appearance. It was a little tricky snapping pictures through the window with the best view of the sun activity from my seat. The window was located by the head of the man sleeping in the seat in front of me. I slipped the camera between the seat and the window and very quietly depressed the button on the camera that was very close to his ear. He never woke up and I took a bunch of still photos and several movies before during and after we rang the bells in the row behind him. It was a long flight.

So now, here’s a little problem. Can anyone figure out what time it was when the sun came up and over what part of the earth was the plane located? All of the information I have comes from the screen at the front of the airplane. It showed our location and trajectory and the time at our destination. The problem is it only showed this information about an hour before the sunrise and 1/2 hour after. Is this a fun problem? Anyone want to try and figure out where we were and what time it was when the sun came up?
We were an hour past Iceland when the sun rose and we still had 45 minutes before we flew over Liverpool. We were traveling about 535 mph. The time information we had was that it was 8:30 AM in Germany when the sun rose. Can anyone figure out what time it was and where we were (other than somewhere between Iceland and Liverpool) when the sun rose?

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