dailybell: SUNSET 1/11/08

Friday, January 11, 2008

SUNSET 1/11/08

Among the tie-dyed shirts neatly hanging in rows all over the surface of the bus was a sign that read:
leave it broke.com


Anonymous said...

hey brenda i love this project of yours good luck it is a big commitment and sounds like fun we were jumping over the waves 10x in brazil on the beach this new year's at midnite along with a packed happy fun filled crowd and fireworks can you show a picture of the bell from your back yard trying to picture it some places in SF i recognize it is very cold in NY today i will try to ring a bell at sunset in your spirit today the days are short here right now in Brazil it did not get dark until after 8pm it is their summertime love and miss you and thanks for my bday card and present hugs and kisses connie

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hi Connie The only pictures of the bell in the backyard are in the first entry on New Year's Eve. There's the one where the bell is covered with lint from the dryer. You can also see it in the little movie that day when I'm washing it with the hose. The bell is in the back of my car now and it's way too heavy to move. You can see my backyard in lots of the movies, though. That's our fence that I pace in front of. I miss you guys! love,Brenda