dailybell: SUNRISE 1/6/08

Sunday, January 6, 2008

SUNRISE 1/6/08



Leonie said...

Dear Brenda,

Congratulations on dailybell2008! We love the project, for so many reasons, & we thank you for the inspiration!! We have begun to participate. Simply paying attention to the precise times of sunrise & sunset will require a shift in our awareness. The project honors the setting of intention, & I like to think the moment of ringing the bell(s) can be a moment of peace. At sunrise when I ring the bell (well, actually I strike a singing bowl with a stick) I imagine you waking early, to ring your bell, & appreciate this thread of connection. And your videos are great!!!

Love to you & Norman,

Brenda said...

Hi Léonie- Thanks! It's nice to know I have company when I am out in the yard all by myself in the morning. I will think of you.