dailybell: A Ringer at the Ferry Terminal?

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Ringer at the Ferry Terminal?

5/9 AM Meeting the Baylink driver at the Ferry Terminal
The bus driver for the Baylink was there again and he told me more about the motorized tripod that I could get. It sounds good and isn’t very expensive. I learned that the Baylink runs between Vallejo and San Francisco and during the winter more people ride this bus than take the ferry because the water is rough and people get seasick. For now, the bus is pretty empty. He has only one passenger to bring from San Francisco back to Vallejo. He used to have more- 10 or 20 people- who worked all night in San Francisco, but not anymore. He didn’t say why. As for ringing the bell, he waited to leave until just after I finished and says he will ring it next week. We introduced ourselves today, and his name is Steven. I look forward to seeing him next week.

After Steven left, I began to pack up the bells and another man came over. We said hello and I asked him if he wanted to ring the bell. When he paused, I said I was there regularly to do this and he said he hadn’t seen me before. I said that was because I was following the sunrise and it had finally come early enough for me to run into him. He liked that idea and I told him that by next week, the sunrise would coincide with his shift and that I would bring hearing protection for him if he wanted to ring the bell. He said OK and then rang it a few times anyway. I might have a lot of company next week.

5/12 AM Taking Turns?

After only 3 hours of sleep, I felt bad waking up at 5:00. But I was also excited because the driver from the Baylink bus was expecting me to be there. This is a first. As I approached the driveway where I turn into the parking lot at the Ferry Building, I saw the bus waiting there, but Stephen, the driver, was nowhere to be seen. Usually he stands by the log that I back the trailer hitch into every time I park. It was pretty early, so I set the alarm and took a little nap. That’s when I realized that he might be doing the same. When I woke up, I set up the sign and put out the bells as usual. Still I didn’t see him. So I put the earplugs in and started ringing. When I looked over to the bus, he was standing next to it just listening so I waved him over, and he finished ringing in the sun. I was so excited to have company at that hour and that someone wanted to ring the bell that I just stood there and watched. Next time, I’ll ring along. Yippee! As soon as we finished, Stephen hopped on the bus and drove away. As I was putting things back in the car, I noticed the security man looking out of one of the terminal building doorways.

5/14 AM Was Once Enough?

There was a fancy looking bus at the Ferry Terminal there this morning: all black and covered with that see through advertising. That material is amazing. You can see out of the windows from the inside but from the outside the bus looks like it’s been dipped in black. Anyway, the bus stayed the whole time I was there, and Stephen, the driver, came out after I had finished ringing to say that he enjoyed it. Then he drove off. Hmm… Maybe once was enough?

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