dailybell: Early Mornings at the Ferry Terminal

Monday, May 12, 2008

Early Mornings at the Ferry Terminal

5/5 AM No More Ferries. First Bus to Vallejo

There were no boats at the Ferry Terminal this morning. However, there was a bus that I had first noticed as it was pulling away when I arrived there last week. Today it was sitting by the curb when I arrived, and it pulled away as I was setting up. So maybe whoever is on that bus will enjoy the morning ringing. This bus goes to Vallejo, and it leaves about 25 minutes before the ferry from Vallejo arrives. I wonder if there are any scheduled boats or buses that will appear even earlier than this.

5/7 AM A New Ringer?
When I returned to the Ferry Terminal this morning, the Baylink bus driver was standing by the log that I back my car into each morning. We said good morning and he watched as I taped up the sign and took things out of the car. I continued to set up to ring the bell and as I opened the back of the car, he looked inside. When he saw the bell he got a little excited and exclaimed- “Oh an antique bell!” I asked him if he would like to ring it, and he said he had to start the bus. I told him that the sun would rise 2 minutes earlier on Friday and that maybe he could ring it then. He said OK. We’ll see. I’ll get there a little earlier just in case. For the next few minutes, I snapped some pictures before ringing the bell. Just before the driver left, he came back to the car and gave me some pointers for shooting the scene. He recommended some kind of motorized tripod, and I told him he could take the pictures on Friday if he wanted.

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