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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Miscellaneous Musings

Treading Water...
I have yet to finish writing about my speculations on why we are afraid of strangers in public (or at least some strangers- OK, maybe it's just me). It's more difficult to articulate than I thought it would be, so in the meantime, I'd like to share some light musings and observations about the weather as well as a photo of interest from Peter Richards.

It is a navigational device used to focus the sound of the bell at the end of a pier in SF. When the sound of the bell got really loud out in the fog you knew where you were.

Entry from 5/12 PM Why It's Cold Here

After dinner Norman and I walked down the street to the Walgreens for some snacks. It looked so nice outside. Springy. But it wasn't. We passed a couple coming out of their house and they looked at us as we walked by and simply said, “Cold”. It’s not the east coast. True. But on the east coast, the temperature generally matches expectations. Buildings are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. If it’s cold during the day, it’s usually a bit colder at night. If it’s hot during the day, it’s most often a little cooler in the evening. Winter, cold. Summer, hot. Spring and Fall transitional. But not out here. The people who are always cold are usually from the east coast, and we are cold because our expectations are unrealistic for the Bay Area. No matter what it’s like during the day, in the evening it’s freezing. In the summer, it’s really cold because of the fog. The reason it’s foggy is because it’s super hot everywhere else and that heat sucks in the ocean air and smears it all over San Francisco. In fact it’s hardly ever hot here. It just looks like it’s warm because it looks like summer or spring. It’s spring light or summer light (on the rare days you can actually see the sun). And the light fools you into expecting a corresponding seasonal temperature. Anyway, we paused on our walk long enough to ring the bells and take a little movie of the windows across the street as they caught the last bit of that warm looking sunlight.

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