dailybell: Second week in April

Friday, April 18, 2008

Second week in April

4/8 PM
I arrived a little early for my weekly meditation group so that I could ring the bells in the little garden out front. Even though it was a few minutes before the sun was due to go down, I rang the bells as people were arriving and a few people came to join me. I rang the bells for about 15 minutes and it was so windy that by the time I finished my hands were numb. That was the longest time I have rung the bells and it felt great.

4/9 PM
More Singing Bowls
I would have liked to drive the big bell around this evening but it’s with the car and the car is still in the shop. So Darren and I rang his gigantic bowls as the sun was setting in Oakland. The pink one is crystal and the other is metal. I couldn’t get mine not to buzz, but it was still a treat. Thanks Darren!

4/10 PM
Fish Tank and the Big Bell
It was still warm this evening after a long sunny day. I finally got my car back from the shop (with the big bell in the back). I had missed hearing that loud clanging. So of course I wanted to ring that one. At the same time, the sound of the fish tank was so clear and nice, like a running brook that I decided to ring from inside the house. The sound on this video was recorded separately so it should sound better than usual. Malcolm was an attentive audience.

4/12 AM
Morning with Malcolm
As soon as I opened the door to go outside, Malcolm shot out the door and leapt off the porch. He was hardly awake, but his escape instinct was on autopilot, so over the edge he went. Then he just sat down there in the cold, wet grass while I rang the bells.

4/12 PM
Happy Birthday Darcy!
This is Darcy’s 27th birthday party at my friend Jenny’s house. There were two young brothers there who were really bored. First they wanted to light a fire in the yard. Then one of them got a hold of Jenny’s car key ring and started beeping the car horn with the remote button. Loud and for a long time. These boys had had enough of an adult party. So the sunset bell ringing was welcome diversion for them and a happy birthday song to Darcy.

4/13 AM
Wet Clothes
We’ve been having such incredible and unusually warm weather these past three days that I’ve been hanging my clothes out back to dry. You can do this about 5 days a year around here. When I went out to ring the bell this morning I noticed I had left a few items out overnight. Of course, they were all wet again- but Oh So Fresh!

4/13 PM
Fires in the Fog
Tonight was the end of that sunny hot weather here for now. As I was coming home this evening, the fog was pouring in. I wondered what was it was like down by the beach so I went by there. It was really socked in. Nice and cool and grey. I have never seen so many fires on the beach at one time. Maybe people were there during the day while it was sunny and then when the fog came in someone got the bright idea to light a fire. A good idea spreads fast.

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