dailybell: Ringing for Rebates

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ringing for Rebates

SUNSET April 15, 2008
Liz and I were having dinner in North Beach when it was time for the sun to go down. We were across the street from Washington Square so we walked over there. It was so windy and much of the grounds were fenced off for reseeding. So we just went to the edge of the park and started ringing the bells. The first group of people thought we were giving the bells away. And the second man wanted to know if we were with the Salvation Army.

SUNRISE April 15, 2008
People come into the city from the water at the Embarcadero. They arrive from the ferries walking in a thin line from the docks to the street where they fan out into the city. It’s a good place to meet people in the morning and a great place to make noise. There are no residences there and while everyone is determined to get where they are going, they aren’t trapped at a bus stop. This morning, I cut it too close and was only able to pull over across the street from the dock in time to ring the bell. However, I found a parking lot on the other side just along the pathway that everyone seems to follow as they walk from the ferry to the road. I'll be back!

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