dailybell: Singing Bowls

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Singing Bowls

I was at the hospital with a dear friend this afternoon. She is quite ill and needed to go in for an infusion and some blood-work. We stayed there much longer than I had anticipated so that by the time we left, I needed to hurry to get to an appointment across the bay. There wasn’t time to get my car or any of my bells so I took public transportation and figured I would do something when the time came to ring the bells. When someone you love is fighting for her life, nothing else seems very important so I wasn’t too concerned. I figured as the very least, I had some jewelry to jingle.

As it turned out, my friend Krys, lived nearby and as she’s also a musician, I knew she would have some bells. I had forgotten that she has one really large, beautiful singing bowl.

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