dailybell: Enough with the clock, already…

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Enough with the clock, already…

I am approaching the end of this type of literal documentation for a while. While establishing a routine for ringing the bell, I thought I would document each time I rang the bell at sunrise and sunset. In lieu of seeing the actual sun (rain, rain, rain, rain), it was also important to display the time in order to establish a certain kind of credibility and trust.

After the first week, while I will continue to ring a bell daily at sunrise and sunset, I will not necessarily post daily photos or movies to the blog. Ringing a bell every day provides the underlying rhythm and foundation for anything else that might occur around or because of this activity. So from now on, I would like to both assure and assume that the daily ritual is established and being honored.

So now let’s think ahead and plan other activities that could build on this basic attunement with a daily rhythm in relation to the sun. In addition to the personal and private observation of this ritual, I would like to plan and encourage more public, communal bell ringing events. Perhaps we could establish a certain day each month where we could gather with our friends and neighbors and observe the sunrise or sunset together. Or certain holidays. Leap Year? The Solstice? How about February 5?

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