dailybell: Ringing While Dining

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ringing While Dining

8/20 PM Los 3 Padrillos, Brooklyn
This evening, all of the participants from the AIR Sounds Elemental workshop at Harvestworks went on a field trip to Michael Schumacher’s gallery, Diapason, in Brooklyn. On our way there, most of us ended up eating together at Los 3 Padrillos. The food was good and the portions were so big we weren’t even close to finishing in time for our appointment at Diapason, let alone in time for the sunset. Most, but not all of us rang the bells at sunset, and we were joined by the gracious staff at the restaurant. Thank you everyone!

8/21 PM Ray's Restaurant, Manhattan
Since I am in New York for just this week, I spend most of my time working, sleeping and traveling from home to work and back. There is not much time left over to visit with my friends so I eat most of my meals out and with friends, as it‘s a convenient and New York efficient way to spend time with the people I want to see. As the sunset approached this evening, I was finishing my meal in yet another restaurant (Ray's Restaurant on Prince Street), this time with my friend Jenneth. We were ringing an assortment of little bells when someone form across the restaurant yelled, "What’s going on!?” Since everyone was looking at us anyway, I hollered back across the room “The sun is going down!” And then I got up and went around offering bells to the other diners and passing out my dailybell cards. Quite a few other people rang the bells. I gave away all of the little bells and our waitress kept one of the Buchens’ bells. She liked it so much and continued to ring it even after the sun was down, I didn’t have the heart ask her to return it. I love those bells and they are Norman’s favorites. Of three bells 2, have almost the same pitch and one is slightly lower, Fortunately, the waitress kept one of the duplicates, so I don’t’ mind so much. It was definitely worth it to think that she might ring that bell in the restaurant every now and then. A family sat at the table nearest ours. The woman really like the bell and the idea of ringing the bells. And her husband wryly thanked me for providing his wife with a little bell to wake him so early in the morning.

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