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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Crow Story

This is a 3 part story that I will tell as it unfolded itself to me.
(Try playing the movie to listen to the soundtrack while you read)

Part 1: 8/28 AM
A new bird! A sound I have never noticed here before. Or anywhere else, for that matter. It’s the only one like it. At the end of the sunrise, you can actually also hear a few songbirds. Maybe the change in birds has something to so with the change of season. It’s the warm weather here in San Francisco now. It was 105 degrees in Marin yesterday and over 100 elsewhere inland. However, it’s heaven here. I would have recorded the sound this morning but Jerry still has my microphone. Tomorrow. I hope that new bird is still here.

Part 2: Later in the day, I heard a terrible racket out in the backyard. Many crows screeching. When I finally went out to look, the noise had calmed down a bit, but Norman had been watching and he said there had been a terrible battle. Two crows had locked their feet together and were fighting on the telephone wires. Other birds were screeching and flying in and out of that huge tree. The brand new bird voice this morning must have been a baby crow. I don’t understand birds, but we were watching a fierce battle. Some of the crows were attacking the spot where the little voice was. And other crows were defending it. I seemed to catch them at a moment where they were catching their breaths.
Part 3: 8/29 AM
A terrible silence.

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