dailybell: Last week of August - Mornings

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last week of August - Mornings

I observed the sunrise near my house every morning this week. These are simple quiet mornings.

8/24 AM

A walk around the foggy yard in my pajamas.

8/25 AM
Looking left, straight back and to the right- this is the view from my back porch in the early morning fog.

8/26 AM
Norman and I walked up to the corner to have a look at the sunrise and the streetcar stop. No big doings at this hour. Except for the moon.

8/27 AM
Clear skies and warm days are coming to the San Francisco Bay area. This is my favorite time of year here.

8/30 AM
Back to the foggy summer mornings (audio). Until it’s really cooled down in the Sacramento Valley, we will have these foggy days in San Francisco. In a few weeks, the temperatures inland and on the coast will be much more similar and the conditions that create this cold, dreary summer fog will cease to exist. I can’t wait.

8/31 AM
Red umbrella. Clear morning. Still. And still no crows. As much as I dislike the crows because of their possible involvement in the disappearance of the songbirds, it’s very sad to think that some of them are mourning the killing of that little newborn crow. On the other hand, all of a sudden there are many more new birds singing (audio) this morning. Pretty new songs.


Barbara said...

Dear Brenda,

Good morning, good evening, I love seeing your yard and I showed Nil the video of us at sunset at Ocean beach. I can hardly believe it!



Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hi Barbara- Come back!

Timothy Shields said...

Interesting dream you described: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wciv95Grvm4