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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hawking Bells

8/28 PM
Before the concert began, I was outside on the sidewalk ringing some bells and announcing the sunset. All the while, I was offering and trying to give away the little bells. I felt like I was hawking bells. It’s a tough crowd out there. Most people cannot hear or see. They already know what’s going on or they just don’t want to know. I realize this part of town is a big and constant hustle and that panhandlers are everywhere. However, this situation is not just on this spot, on this block. This turning away from strangers on the street is common in America. It has been my experience with the big bell, with the piano and with this public sun watching. I think this is a good spot- here on Market at 6th Street, and that I would like to return here one or two nights a week for a while and see what happens.

I didn't realize how much I was truly hawking bells until I played back the video from the evening of 8/28. "They're free!" I had been so excited to have found a way to engage with people and to get them to stop for an instant that I had momentarily lost my mind. I am so easily distracted and forget why and what I am doing at those moments. I will try harder to concentrate on observing the moment of the sunrise and sunset and pay less attention to trying to get others to join me. See how that works for a change.

Thea Farhadian, Katrina Wreede and Iron Dog performed at the Luggage Store this evening. It’s a very noisy space, especially when the audience faces the street. But it worked this evening. Sometimes you couldn’t tell what was happening outside and what was being performed, and the experience was really lovely.

The artwork in the gallery is by Ana Teresa Fernandez

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