dailybell: "Where's Waldo's Bell?"

Monday, June 30, 2008

"Where's Waldo's Bell?"

This has been a pretty solitary week- staying close to home.

One thing I have been trying out this week is a new approach to the audio recordings. Because it’s no longer necessary to perform or document each bell ringing observation as if it was the only occurrence, I don’t feel I need to start, ring and stop just as the sun is rising or setting. The primary reason for doing this is not so much to go out and ring bells, as it is to practice and spread the awareness of our relationship to something ineffable- like the movement of the sun. If this is so, then why not focus more on the uniqueness of each moment, each occasion. So that’s what I tried out this week. Instead of focusing on the bells, I’ve taken more of a “Where’s Waldo?” approach to their presence in the recordings. Find the bells if and when you can, locate them in the space by listening to how they sound in relation to the other sounds. Maybe this approach will lead to a greater appreciation about what is unique and special about each event. As the midpoint of the project approaches, I have been reflecting on how it’s going, what I’ve observed and where it might go from here. I had planned to go into some detail about that this week. And then suddenly, I was in a minor car accident. Norman and I are both OK, but I am not up to speed. Not even close. I am not able to drive, so that puts a new wrinkle into my ability to go further afield in search of new and varied situations. For the moment. Also, since day # 183 is the actual midpoint of the year, and it occurs on July 1st, I will wait until next week to go into more details about my thoughts and plans for what comes next.

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