dailybell: Accidents Will Happen

Monday, June 30, 2008

Accidents Will Happen

6/30 8:36 PM (again), San Francisco,
The sun is back! Patches of clear blue sky appeared this afternoon and the air smells better. Unfortunately, no light gets into the room in the ER where they perform CT scans. Which is where I was at exactly the time the sun was going down. Fortunately, Norman was my emissary, and he was the witness and bell ringer this evening. If I had had the presence of mind, I would have kept a little bell with me and would have rung it on the way to the CT scan. However, I did think of it afterwards and shook the handful of my jewelry that the technician had asked me to remove for the X-ray. (I’m OK. Details later).


ginger said...

Please know that I am rootin for your steady recovery!

ginger said...

Isn't it nice how hospitals give you bracelets? (my hospital gives out socks as well). Gee, I hope you are OK, and thank god you have Norman to take over!! Please know I'm rootin for your recovery!!
Ginger in NYC