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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Schedules that Cross in the Dawn

4/18 AM San Francisco Ferry Terminal

It was really beautiful down there this morning. Dark grey to light grey but so quiet. The lines of people walking from the boat into the city were like quiet shadows moving past. Even though no one wanted to ring with me, it felt good- like a blessing somehow. I would like to do this everyday during the week and see what happens. It might be difficult to build momentum or engage people’s curiosity even if I show up regularly. Even though my schedule is very regular, I ring the bell earlier and earlier with each passing day. The people on the ferry as well as the ferry itself are on regular schedules that remain the same everyday. So eventually I will pass earlier into the morning than the people I now see getting off the ferry. We will miss each other very soon. In fact, One of the ferries arriving at this time of the morning is the commuter, Vallejo Baylink. It leavesVallejo at 5:30 AM. Whoa.
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