dailybell: Twin Peaks Convergence

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Twin Peaks Convergence

I was heading home when I realized I could be at Twin Peaks for sunset. About 35 people stood on top of the highest hill above the parking lot. They were already silhouettes so I grabbed my bag of bells and ran as fast as I could up the hill.

Everyone there was waiting for the sun to go down and it was so beautiful today. Warm and clear and sunny. It was easy to ask people who are already watching the sunset to accompany the sight with bells. I walked around and offered people their choice of bells and said they could start whenever they wanted and to keep going until the sun was below the horizon.

A few people wanted to know why. Some didn’t. And before long, the top of the hill was quietly tinkling. Every once in a while, the man who had chosen the ship’s bell would clang it. If falling dust had a sound, that’s what the top of that hillside sounded like for a moment.

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