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Friday, February 8, 2008

Stray Thoughts

I can hardly remember this morning. Oh yeah. I set the camera up to look down at the backyard and brought out the new little Indian bells from Chinatown. I just walked around the yard a few times and rang the little bells. Clockwise. Once slowly. The second time, I ran. The grass was wet. When I finished running in circles, I went back into the house, shut off the camera and went back to bed.

Compared to this morning, the end of the day was rushed. Since it was sunny, I decided to run down to the beach and see who was hanging out at the coffee shop across the street. It seems that people who hang out in coffee shops are pretty amenable to ringing the bells at sunset. It’s very nice and friendly. Often, it’s so uncomfortable for me to ask people on the street to ring bells with me. So it’s a pleasant change to approach people who are on a relaxed agenda.

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