dailybell: Sunset Serenade for Security at JFK

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunset Serenade for Security at JFK

It was a race. Was the sun going down before we reached the security checkpoint in line, or not? Norman said it was the first time he wished the line would move more slowly, and I agreed. I was a little nervous about ringing bells while waiting in the line to go through security. There’s no argument about the timing for the bell ringing so if it’s inconvenient (i.e. approaching the part where you are required to remove your shoes) then we would have had to leave the line, ring the bells and return. There’s nothing suspicious about that kind of behavior.

Anyway, when the time came I turned to the people in line behind us and invited them to join us in observing the sunset (even though we couldn’t see it) by ringing some bells. They were a young couple from Dublin, Ireland and they were so sweet to ring the little bells with us. So there we were at 5:29 PM standing in the Delta Airline security line at JFK airport, jingling away.

It was fun to ring with strangers who so obviously enjoyed it, Thank you guys, and I hope you try more of this at home. This is a very good project for a Jr. High school Math class, by the way.

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