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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forgot To Remember

I missed the sunset by 2 minutes this evening. At first I kicked myself for not remembering to set the alarm I have been using to give myself a 10-minute warning for the sunrise and sunsets each day. Then I realized that I had been using bells to remind me to ring bells so that I would pay attention to the present. It makes some sense that I to do that in the morning when I am unconscious before the alarm goes off. However, in the evening I am awake. Since the point is to pay attention to a very specific moment in time, it seems odd that I use an alarm to remind myself.

So I was happy to only miss the sunset by 2 minutes. It could have been dark before I noticed. I'm a little afraid to rely on my ability to pay attention and be aware of the sunset each day, but maybe I'll be brave and do that from now on.

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