dailybell: Caution Brain at Work

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Caution Brain at Work

I got it. Tahis mrning ehne the alarms went off my eyes were stuck together and I could hardly open one of them. The left one. I thought , now what. What can I possibl y do that ;s different than nythin g I’vee done so far. We’ve seen all the eastern views. I have rung all the bells in various combinations. I am so tired I can hardly think

So I went out back and looked up and sae that line across the sky. Then I saw that tiny moon just above it. And I thought that would be something to look at while I rang a freew of my favorite bells.

After I packed up and wne tback inside, I finally realized that I don’t havr to plan anything. O just have to get up and see what’s there.

What a relief.

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