dailybell: Summer Solstice Sunset. Day 91

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer Solstice Sunset. Day 91

June 20, 2020. Sunset 8:34 (again).
San Francisco, CA.

Happy Solstice! I had dropped some bells and invitations into our nearby neighbors' mail slots last night. And this evening we were ringing in the Solstice with the summer fog.
It was so lovely - The big bell bonging away, and then in the interim: a tiny sprinkling of sparkly little bells. A few people in their the windows and on the sidewalks- ringing and talking to one another through our masks, neighbors we haven’t seen a while and some we’ve never met- waving from upstairs or across the road. So gentle and sweet and strong.
Day 91 Sheltering in place. --BH

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