dailybell: Full Moon Rise upon the Fairy Garden

Monday, March 9, 2020

Full Moon Rise upon the Fairy Garden

March 9, 2020. Sunrise 7:28 AM.
Berkeley, CA.

For observing the full moon sunrise Monday, I got up at 6am , thinking that the sunrise would be 6:28. It wasn't!!! I was up an hour early, which enabled me to witness the amazing moon in the first shot -YAY! An hour later, I took the moon again, and after ringing the sunrise bell , I took the next photos - 1. 2.the white outer part of the ceanothus blossom which looks like snow on the hummingbird sage, 3. first poppy of the season in the garden, 4. ceanothus and fiery red pineapple sage blossoms. It's SPRING!
- Nancy Beckman

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