dailybell: 9 words for February 9

Sunday, February 9, 2020

9 words for February 9

Feb 9, 2020. Sunrise 7:05 AM.
Berkeley, CA.

About three minutes before sunrise, I walked out on the second-floor balcony, and the first thing I saw was the full moon in the west. Irresistible to photograph! The wind was very strong, so I decided to use slo-mo video as the sun rose. I forgot that the audio would be slowed down, too, so the ceramic bell I was ringing sounds like a drum!
9 words for February 9: setting dancing flying crows sirens cat's chow time sleep
-- Nancy Beckman

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Brenda Hutchinson said...

I loved this!!!!!! Thank you-- It captures a mood and state of mind as well as a beautiful and magical visual moment- The sound is perfect!!!!