dailybell: Universe holds it's breath?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Universe holds it's breath?

The sun has been rising at the same time (7:25) every morning for the past 2 weeks here in San Francisco. In New York, it flat-lined for about a week starting on New Year's Eve and has just turned around a few days ago.

This gradual slowing down and holding pattern for the sunrise time happens just after the Solstice in the Winter (at least at these latitudes). In the Summer, it's the sunset time that is suspended.

Like the holding of a breath that's just about to start leaking out again, we are poised at the last moment before the sun finally begins creeping towards the horizon a little earlier each day on Monday.



Ann Stanley said...

I love the simplicity of your idea. It inspired me to start a blog where I post reflections between a photo of the sunrise and sunset each day. The blog's still going but the two pictures a day has lapsed this year. I also ring the bell on my verandah at sunset sometimes, but I'm not as consistent as you are. I love your little videos, and just want to let you know that I am with you in spirit, here in Australia.

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Thank you Ann! It's wonderful to know you are there. I will think of you this evening during the sunset. I also signed up for "be alert and make no effort". Great advice