dailybell: Tasty Bells Sunset Snack

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tasty Bells Sunset Snack

5:18PM Oakland, CA

Soon after beginning the dailybell2008 project, my Godson Kazimir was born, and we have spent as many Fridays together as possible since then. He now has a baby sister who is just about the same age as Kazimir was when he first started to join us for the bell ringing. (In his case, it was a more oral than aural experience).

Now as his sister carries on the oral bell tradition, Kazimir has become more interested in the videotaping than the bell ringing while Krys and I comfortably observe the passing of the day together. (FYI: That's the new and improved mosh pit in the background).


Ann said...

Hi Brenda just letting you know that I have been following your practice here in Australia, and am also now posting a daily reflection, book ended by a picture of where I am at sunrise and sunset, on my blog. Am finding the bells ritual a simple, humble, way to mark the living of each day.

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hey Ann-
What's your blog? I would love to check it out. How wonderful. What city are you in- I am curious to see compare our sunrise and sunset times- I am in San Francisco at the moment.