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Monday, July 14, 2008

General state of things

I am still recuperating from the accident. Thank you everyone who wrote to me- It was really nice to hear from you. My neck is doing much better and the pain has migrated down to the bottom of my spine. I am coping and as you can see, my sun observances have been modest: people I know, wherever I happen to be. For a little extra excitement, this week, I went back east for a wedding. Norman's nephew got married and the family converged on the Amish country. Check out the sites of Hershey, Lebanon, Quentin, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

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Anonymous said...

BRENDA! You and Norman are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this pain you are having soon passes so that you can recover more peacefully. Thank you for writing about commitment and its benefits. Then concluding that post with thoughts about awareness and fear. Those are all things I struggle with, but your bells and sun observances as ritual are inspiring. Your pictures and video make me homesick for SF. Oh and I appreciate the links for the fires map and the Manhattan stonehendge.