dailybell2008: HOUSE CALLS ANYONE?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What about house calls? Please invite me to join you. I would love to visit and observe the sunrise with anyone who is already up at that time. We could ring bells together. Is anyone interested? Contact me here.

We hadn’t rung the big bell around the neighborhood for a long time so this evening in the middle of dinner we got up and Norman went out to the curb where the car was parked. Another mundane regular everyday event. I like how it has become a taking-in-stride kind of activity on the one hand and a grand event on the other. Other aspects that I like are the mini dramas that have occurred i.e. the series at the ferry building or the stalking of waiting strangers. I would like to develop more opportunities regarding the early morning search for interaction with other people who are out and about. Someone I met recently was so right when she said my project demands that I extend myself to seek and engage with other people, especially in the mornings.

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