dailybell: Chapel of the Chimes- Solstice Ringing

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chapel of the Chimes- Solstice Ringing

INVITATION- BYOB (that's - bring your own bells)

Anyone in the Bay Area, don't miss this year's summer solstice celebration at Chapel of the Chimes. The sun sets at 8:34 PM in Oakland on the summer solstice this year. I realize that many people may already be gone by then, and that's OK. But I'd like to invite whoever is still around- performers and public - to ring bells wherever they happen to be.
Usually the bell ringing is not associated with anything other than the sunrise or sunset. However this is such a special place and time, I would like to dedicate this evening's observance to remembering. We could call it "In Memory Of..." and people could elect to ring in memory of someone or not. I will have a few bells on hand, but if you have your own bells or other little noisemakers, please bring them."
Chapel of the Chimes is an annual event created by Sarah Cahill which takes place in the Garden of Memory at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, California.. It is a walk-through concert at the Julia Morgan-designed Chapel of the Chimes wherein audience members move through the environment with new music ensembles performing simultaneously throughout the spaces. Here is some more specific information about time, location and price.

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