dailybell: Calling all Cars

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Calling all Cars

As I was walking to the subway this evening, I saw all of these police cars sitting at the bus depot parking lot. All in rows. All lights flashing. Since 911, there have been occasional “shows of force” from the police at this location just below the Williamsburg Bridge. So when I saw two policemen walking towards me, I stopped and asked one of them what was going on across the street. He said, “It’s a drill”. I tried to imagine what kind of drill required so many cars to sit together in the parking lot with their lights flashing and no other activity so I asked, “What kind of drill?” He replied, “Sometimes the police need to go places together and they need to practice getting around all together”. As I pondered his reply, I must have looked as incredulous as I felt because he added as he began to walk away, “It’s a drill”.

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