dailybell: First week of March

Friday, March 14, 2008

First week of March

I am generating many little bits of media with this project. As it progresses and new people find out about it, the amount of material on the blog is a bit daunting. In an effort to make it easier to check on the progress and to weed out a lot of redundancy, I will post only those events where there is at least one other person involved. No more morning solo meditations. So here is a weekly sample.

If you select a tiny movie image, it will blow up to a normal size screen for viewing.

March 2 Sunset. Tel Aviv

March 4 Sunset. Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
I realize that I’ve turned Norman and now his sister Miriam into human lawn ornaments. The bell ringers in every exotic shot. I’m sorry you guys. That was certainly not my intention although it has been very convenient. Thank you. I need to work harder however and ask some other people.

March 5 Sunrise. Dead Sea at Ein Gedi, Israel

March 5 Sunset. Jersalem

March 6 Sunrise. Miriam's Garden in Tel Aviv

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