dailybell: What are you doing?

Friday, January 25, 2008

What are you doing?

I know I said I would stop documenting the daily ringing, but I can’t. Not yet anyway. I am compelled to do it, so I will continue until the time comes that it doesn’t feel necessary.

HELLO MERIDIAN INTERNS!!! Finally some media besides mine. Check out their youtubes

Come on- let’s hear from you other ringers out there! Don’t be shy. Words, images, movies, sounds, links to anything you think is relevant.


lil bitty adie said...

Hi Brenda,

This past weekend I took a short but sweet trip down to Monterey. On the drive down, I passed a number of bells on stands, along the 101. I was excited to see them but as I was driving I couldn’t really take the time to look closely. I kept thinking about them and today reported to Anne (Brodzky of Meridian Gallery) what I saw. As I told her she pointed out one of the bells that she brought in for the Interns to ring—a replica of the bells that I saw on the highway! It belonged to her grandmother, who purchased it in the early 20th century. My curiosity about the bells grew even more. The replica reads “El Camino Real: San Diego – Los Angeles – San Francisco.” After doing some googling, I found that there were hundreds of “Mission Bell Guideposts” erected along the El Camino Real or Kings Highway, which was originally “just a footpath begun by the Franciscans and led by Father Junipero Serra who was a deciding influence in establishing the California Missions north from San Diego to Sonoma.” The guideposts “originally gave distances between the principal towns and directions to the Missions. The bells are placed along the road not merely as landmarks and guides to travelers but as testimonials to the work of the Franciscan padres who were the pioneers that settled California in 1769.” Anyway, perhaps you have seen these bell guideposts and know of their history, but I was very excited to learn about them! It’s interesting to use bells not only as a time marker, but also as a space marker!

I found the little bit of information about the bell guideposts here, but it looks like there’s a book written about them as well.

Also, in Monterey, I wandered into a gift shop in Fisherman’s Wharf, attracted by some bamboo chimes they had hanging in their doorway. To my surprise, their store was filled with bells! I bought about eight small bells that I’ve brought to Meridian for the Interns to ring. So expect to hear them in an upcoming video!

All the best,

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hi Adria-

Thanks for the links to the El Camino bells. And I am really looking forward to hearing the new bells in the Interns performances. Thank you- your work with the Meridian Interns is so exciting.