Saturday, November 4, 2023

Setting time is determined by values aligned with power on Earth, not the sun

Q: What time is it?
A: It depends on when and who you ask(ed)

Prior to the need to coordinate time over vast distances, I imagine that people generally used local needs and criteria for knowing the time. Perhaps the sun directly overhead was a good enough reference to communicate with others in the immediate community, relying more on relative time than an absolute fixed number.

The standardization of time as we have come to know it, is a relatively recent enactment and was brought forward by the railroads in the 1800's. The necessity to coordinate schedules of moving parts over distances seemed to be a reasonable impetus for standardizing time. Yet who chose the reference point? The governments of Great Britain, a once colonial power and the United States, a rising economic power in the world, agreed on GMT. What about everyone else in the world?

India objected. To this day has a single time zone for the entire continent- splitting the difference between what would have been different 2 time zones into a single time zone that was offset by 1/2 hour. If you check to see what time it is in India, it will be offset from UTC (GMT) by 5:30 standard daylight time.

China also objected and adopted a single time zone for the entire country. Unlike India where it was a simple matter to split the difference between 2 times zone, China had to choose a reference for the standard. How to choose-- Geographical- select a place in the center of China's landmass? Or Beijing, the capital and the seat of power, which is located in the east.

And now here we are again: Nobody likes changing the clocks but who decides whether or not we stay with standard time all year or daylight savings time all year.

The absurdly named Sunshine Protection Act, is the bi partisan Senate proposal which favors keeping daylight savings time all year. As if keeping the clock set an hour ahead actually accomplishes an extension of the sunlight. Obviously, all it really does is shift the fixed amount of light available away from the morning into the evening. So instead of the sunrise occurring at 7:30 AM (in this latitude, at least), it will cross the horizon at 8:30 AM. The trade off is beginning our days in the dimness of winter instead of ending them there at the close of the day.

As states are weighing in with their preferences for maintaining Standard or Daylight Savings time, we have yet another opportunity to get nasty and dig in.

This issue is so trivial compared to all the hatred, fighting and suffering happening right now all over the world. However, the reaction to fight for one's position with enmity is not trivial. Yet, here we are. For now, with regard to Standard Time/Daylight Savings time, we will all (except for AZ and HI) move the hands of our clocks around-

An act of cooperation and agreement, for the moment.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

handy little bell will travel

October 31, 2023. Sunset 5:53 PM. Brooklyn, NY.

J Train crossing the Williamsburg Bridge, over the East River.
"ringing the bell on the key chain" - Elisabeth Beaird

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

not quite at ease...

October 18, 2023. Sunset 6:28 PM. San Francisco, CA.

Sunsetting. Tail wagging, Kiki keeps a watchful eye on her former arbitrarily chosen enemy.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Look up and cover your eyes to view the Ring of Fire!

Annular Solar Eclipse tomorrow morning 10/14/23! 8:05 AM - 9:17 AM (Pacific Time)

What's an Annular Solar eclipse and how is it different from a Total Solar Eclipse? https://www.space.com/difference-between-total-solar-eclipse-and-annular-solar-eclipse FYI-- The path of annularity, where the greatest amount of the sun is blocked by the moon, runs from Oregon to Texas. “So viewers in the Bay Area will not see the full eclipse, but rather only a partial eclipse, with the Moon appearing to take a ‘cookie bite’ out of a portion of the Sun"-- Gerald McKeegan, Chabot Space and Science Center.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

family affairs

October 8, 2023. Sunset 6:42 PM. San Francisco, CA.

This was the place to go this evening for neighbors with visiting family members to entertain. Hello and welcome everyone!

Friday, October 6, 2023

Lighthouse Field (3)—Alex Wand

Oct 18, 2023, 06:14 AM. Lighthouse Field (3)

I missed this one from Alex Wand- have a look and listen when you get a chance.

I am a fan of Alex's and I love this site where you can post you own sounds-- Check it out if you have a moment. Thank you, Alex for the post and your kind words—

PS this is a site where you can post and listen to sounds from around the world-- https://aporee.org/maps/

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Shine On Harvest SUPERMOON—

tonight September 28, 2023

https://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-september "This year, look for September’s full Harvest Moon to appear just after sunset on Thursday, September 28. It then reaches peak illumination at 5:58 A.M. Eastern Time on Friday the 29th, drifting below the horizon shortly thereafter."
Photo Credit: Colleen Quinnell/ The Old Farmer's Almanac

Monday, September 25, 2023

So many thresholds crossed this week

September 25, 2023. Sunset 7:02 PM. San Francisco, CA.

So many thresholds crossed this past week, I didn’t keep up!
Wishing a belated Happy Rosh Rosh Hashanah celebrating the year #5784 to my friends and family who have now reached today’s sunset on Yom Kippur. Yom Tov. The evening meal is in sight.

Find YOUR Equilux!

September 25, 2023

For anyone who missed celebrating (or mourning) the Equinox on the 22nd, there is another opportunity to balance on the tipping edge of light into darkness on the Equilux—which is the actual day of equal day and night—It depends on your location in the world in relation to the Equator- For those of us in the Bay Area, it’s tomorrow September 26th
To find the day where your place on the earth crosses the light line- check into the website for timeanddate.com

flashback to July 4th sunrise

September 25, 2023. Sunrise 7:10 AM.

"From my daughter Ella in Little Havana this morning!" - Joe P
WOW! What a wondrous sight to behold first thing in the morning. Thanks Joe ❤
(July 4th, 2023- sunrise)

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Autumn arrives in the wee hours today

September 23, 2023. Sunset 7:04 PM. Berkeley, CA.

"Sunsetting at the Berkeley Marina, An apt message for all of us" - from someone in our group of Equinox observers- I don't know who, but thank you. This is lovely--

As is the video from the very next moment.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Equinox!

September 22, 2023, Sunset 7:04 PM. Live Oak Park-Berkeley, CA.

Another Equinox performance of Wendy Reid's magical tree piece #66 “ambient bird 433” returns again to Live Oak Park on the Fall Equinox
- a few minutes before sunset.
Thanks to all the performers and audience members who shared their attention, dogs and grey parrots with us. Love and special thanks to Wendy and lulu.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Coming soon! The Equinox is on the 22nd this year--

We will be celebrating again in a free public performance at Live Oak Park in Berkeley with Wendy Reid, her grey parrot, lulu and a small band of musicians.

Ambient Bird with sfSOUND and the Bird Ensemble returns again to Live Oak Park on the Fall Equinox
Friday September 22, 2023 - 6:15pm
Live Oak Park is located at 1301 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. The precise location of the performance will be just north of the recreation/theatre building, near the creek under the trees. There is no formal seating: stand and watch or wander, sit on the grass, ground, steps, distant picnic tables or bring your own chair/ blanket.
At 6:15pm (preceding the performance), there will be an introduction of the musicians and their instruments.
Sunset is at 7:04 PM. We will ring the sundown with dailybell.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Checking in at the end of the day

September 13, 2023. Sunset 7:20 PM. San Francisco, CA.

"Clair, Phil, Cameron, Mardi and Matt" - NT
Sleepytime for Somebody

Monday, September 11, 2023

Clear Hole in the Sky

September 11, 2023. Sunset 7:11 PM. Brooklyn, NY.

Looking towards the Freedom Tower, the view now blocked by the trees that have grown up since 2001. A quick thunder and lightning storm just passed, clearing the air and opening to the blue and gold sky just above.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

labor of love

Sept. 2, 2023. Sunset 7:37 PM. San Francisco, CA.

Greetings to and from my neighbors! Happy healthy Labor Day.
Thanks Norman for holding down the fort.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Big Blue Supermoon

August 30, 2023. Sunset 7:41 PM. San Francisco, CA.

"Did you see the moon?" Norman from San Francisco to me in Brooklyn. And sadly I didn't see it here!!! The big beautiful blue supermoon. I won't be holding my breath until next time since it won't occur again until 2037. I miss my friends and neighbors and the dogs from San Francisco, too!!

Sunday, August 27, 2023

I left my bell in San Francisco

August 27, 2023. Sunset 7:46 PM. San Francisco, CA.

"Only Tony and me" - NT
It looks so nice and foggy and cool there. Still muggy here in Brooklyn, though I am missing that big loud bell.
Welcome back from your summer with your family, Tony!! It looks so nice and foggy and cool there.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

tropical good night

August 15, 2023. Sunset 7:56 PM. Miami FL.

"It's cloudy over here-- So not as clear as yours"
-- "This one is a little less cloudy"- Ana L.

so moody...

more Moxi, less deer

August 15, 2023. Sunset 7:53 PM. Brooklyn, NY.

Here we are just around the corner from the Mona Lisa of Williamsburg with my sister, Lisa, visiting from Montana--
Very different sunsets around here from the recent sunrises at her home out there!

Sunday, August 13, 2023

lost time?

August 13, 2023. Sunset 8:04 PM. Benicia, CA.

"...I lost time today and ended up doing a little gig with a good friend of mine in Benicia. Here is the sunset..."
- Thea Farhadia
Big sun over a tiny Golden Gate Bridge-- Thanks Thea!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

So right AGAIN!

August 6, 2023. Sunrise 3:31 AM. Norrbotten County, Sweden.
Nice pic: Right?—Joe

From Joe P via Nancy M
“Does Hutch’s sister still post sun pics? Cousin enjoying long days, Norrbotten Sweden”

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Hannah says, “another good one”

August 2, 2023. Sunset 8:17 PM. San Francisco, CA.

Thanks for the updates from the West Coast from my niece Hannah who is taking care of our cat and taking advantage of the cool weather and beautiful sunsets while we steam away here in Brooklyn.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

AI Sky?? NOT

July 29, 2023. Sunset 8:14 PM. Brooklyn, NY.

We’d just finished ringing little bells on the subway while riding over the Williamsburg Bridge. Stepping off the train into air freshly washed and still a bit moist, we turned away from the sunset to see this golden sky exploding behind us.

Friday, July 28, 2023

smell the sunset

July 28, 2023. Sunset 8:15 PM. Brooklyn, NY.

The corner of Bedford and Broadway on this hot steamy Friday evening. This neighborhood now has a smoke shop on every block (literally), and the beginning of the weekend around here amps up what has become the iconic smell of this neighborhood - everyday - all day.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

right down the street

July 27, 2023. Sunset 8:22 PM. Ocean Beach, SF, CA.

"it's a good one! So beautiful. Right down the street". - Hannah

Monday, July 17, 2023

Front door and back door "good mornings"

July 17, 2023. Sunrise 5:51 AM. Emigrant, MT.

Front door and back door "good mornings" from my sister Lisa

Friday, July 7, 2023

almost there

July 7, 2023. Sunset 8:34 PM. San Francisco, CA.

"Getting ready to go ring the bell"
- Hannah

Tuesday, July 4, 2023


July 4, 2023. Sunrise 6:34 AM. Miami, FL.

From Joe’s daughter-- “Sunrise today from Ella’s balcony in Little Havana…nice; right?”

Monday, July 3, 2023

celestial indifference

July 3, 2023. Sunset 9:25 PM. Michiana, MI.
"Sun setting over Lake Michigan" -LB

Interesting trivia? I only just realized that the sun rises or sets over 4 of the 5 Great Lakes in Michigan. AND the state sports 2 times zones.

With the relationships between our arbitrary borders on Earth and the celestial indifference to them in mind-- today -- July 4th is the last day for the latest sunset of the year at this latitude.

While the sun has been rising later and later for several weeks now, shrinking the day from that end (about 4 second per day), the sunset will now begin its own shutting down of the day earlier-- slowly- but still earlier.

Thank you Lisa for these.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

tiny deer and ufo?

July 1, 2023. Sunrise 5:39 AM. Emigrant, MT.

from my sister, Lisa- "picking up William this morning to go to the family reunion. SUNRISE"
There are so many tiny, amazing things here. I am especially fixated on the little deer who appear to be watching the sunrise as well as that round green orb that appears to be in the sky.
What IS that????

Monday, June 26, 2023


June 26, 2023, Sunset 9:15 PM. Emigrant MT.

"sunset last night" from my sister Lisa

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Garden Of Memory Summer Solstice 2023

June 21, 2023. Sunset 8:34 PM. Oakland, CA. Congratulations to the 2nd year of reopening for the annual Solstice celebration at the Garden of Memory in the Chapel of the Chimes. Many thanks to the Cardew Choir for incorporating the dailybell sunset bell observance into their own 4 hour performance of Pauline Oliveros’ “Heart Chant” and “Rock Piece”.
Here’s what Tom Bickley had to report about the moment---“The Sunset Bell ringing was quite a draw. People asked if it would be upstairs as usual. We explained that we were the main location. Later an audience member reported that on the upper-level people rang keys, bells, etc. at sunset, too.”
Also thanks to friends Jenny Holland, Betsy Willson, Emily Klion and Sharon Plumeria from previous years for gathering forces and carrying on the tradition together.
Hopefully some of the participants from this year’s sunset bell-ringing crossing of the East River in New York will send in some documentation—which I look forward to sharing (I failed to take any photos or video)…

perfect solstice sunset celebration for dogs

June 21, 2023. Sunset 8:44 PM. Shelter Island, NY.

Fern and her daughter, Willow on vacation having a sunset sniff on the Solstice.
Thanks Connie!

This just in –

June 21, 2023. Sunset 8:30 PM. East River between DUMBO and Wall Street.

These photos were taken by Emily Whitfield who came to the event with her friend Joyce Burstein (a friend of LĂ©onie) Such an unexpected trail of connections and pleasant surprise. That last photo in the series (5) is one of the guys who worked on the Ferry with his little bell. On my return trip, I couldn't find my ticket and his co-worker, who also had a bell- waved me on- This whole event was unexpectedly over the top delightful!
Emily's pictures captured everything that evening (except for the sound)-- For that-- grab some bells and ring along as you scroll through the pictures- or check out one of the earlier postings from that evening.
—post from Emily Whitfield-
“Had a great time ringing in the Summer Solstice with friends and random strangers on the ferry from Dumbo to Wall Street. As the dailybell event creator/artist Brenda Hutchinson puts it: Sunrise and Sunset, 2 things everyone can agree on, every day!”

East River Ferry Crossing-- from the Solstice team!

June 21, 2023. Sunset 8:30 PM. Solstice Sunset Bell Ringing.

Here is the first batch of photos to arrive from the terrific dailybell team who invited people waiting in line or the Ferry at the DUMBO landing to celebrate in the longest day of the year together as we made the very short (4 minute) crossing of the East River to Wall St.
These are the photos that Joe took- they include our signs, cards we distributed to everyone along with bells to ring and keep. Many thanks to everyone who showed up to help-- Joe Pokrifka, Mary Buchen, Hannah Hutchinson (and her friend- Sara??), Charlie Charles, Joyce Burstein and Emily Whitfield.
PS (If any of you have photos or videos, please send them- I failed miserably to document anything) It would be nice to hear all those little bells.