dailybell: 10/27/13 - 11/3/13

Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Souls Alert!

Remembering the Dead ... (and also to turn the clocks back)
sunset 10-31-13 6:13 PM

I was planning to capture the sunset on Halloween 

and the sunrise the following morning on Day of the Dead. (That’s also All Saints’ Day, which has quite a different flavor than Dia de los Muertos, especially here in San Francisco).

sunrise 11-1-12  7:35 AM

But then I had a quick peek of the last bit of sun sinking into the ocean that I saw from the Safeway parking lot on what we use to call “Mischief Night” – the day before Halloween. So I grabbed that, too.

sunset 10-30-13 6:14 PM

Today, November 2nd is the third day (All Souls' Day) of Hallowmas—traditionally a period in many cultures dedicated to remembering the dead. So I make this little 3-day offering in that spirit (even though the whole thing is shifted by a day).

The fact that we turn back our clocks later today, on All Souls Day, seems especially significant somehow- gaining an hour of life (which most of us will happily sleep away).