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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Earliest Sunrise Bottoms Out

June 10, 2015 
Sunrise 5:47 AM. San Francisco, CA

Beginning today and for the next 9 days, the sunrise will be at its earliest moment for the year (at this latitude). By the Solstice, it will already have been rising later, squeezing daylight away from the morning side of things.

I love how this happens. The longest day is on the Solstice, but that is not because it is the earliest sunrise and latest sunset of the year. It’s not that symmetrical. Check out this chart from 2008 to see how rates of slowdown and expansion work for each end of the day and enjoy the sound of the earliest sunrise of the year. (It’s been the same every year so far)

Listen. It was raining this morning!!!

If you are interested in finding out when sunrise in your location “bottoms out”, go to sunrisesunset.com and plug in your location.