dailybell: Reflection and Request

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reflection and Request

Ringing the bell everyday has become a regular part of my life. Much of the morning bell ringing has been in solitude with a few exceptions. Maybe the Monday trough Friday crowd at the streetcar stop will join me. Maybe not.

The evening ringing has been a bit more social. In any event, it’s much easier as I am awake and usually in the middle of doing something. It’s always a surprise and I look forward to it each evening.

Documenting and posting to the blog each day has become a very time consuming activity. Maybe unnecessarily so. I have established a rhythm, both for myself and in terms of “reporting”. Many of the mornings, I ring the bell by myself somewhere around my house or I try to engage the people waiting on the corner. I will continue to do so. However, as far as posting these activities to the blog is concerned, I will only post things that are unusual or deviate from this normal activity. Perhaps I will simply post the audio for a while. Either way, you can use your imagination.

Also- how about anybody else out there who is ringing a bell? Please send a photo or text or soundfile. I would love to post other experiences than my own. COME ON!!!

We’ll see how it goes in the evenings. I expect to handle the documentation in much the same way, as I will for the sunrise ringing. And if I manage to entice others to ring with me, I will post that movie to the blog. Otherwise, I may simply post the audio or a photo of something in my field of view.

Hopefully this will free up some of my time to devote to other aspects of the project. I would like to organize some large bell ringing events to coincide with the upcoming Equinox and Solstice. I would like to find out about any eclipses that are happening this year. This is a leap year and February 29th would also be a good occasion.

But as my friend Taylor reminded me, it’s really the ordinary days that are the most important ones to notice and to honor. We have so many more of them.

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