dailybell: 3/18/12 - 3/25/12

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox 2012

Sunset 7:21 PM San Francisco, CA

Every year I try to make sense of equinox around the conflict between what is happening and what we expect or imagine is happening. What is happening is the center of the sun is crossing the equator. We look to that moment as a turning point towards the light, towards spring and the beginning of the end of winter. Many of us also imagine this day to divide the darkness and light in half.

Of course we know that it is impossible for the entire world to experience equal light and darkness on the same day- the equinox. It doesn’t make sense, yet we go along with it. A convenient truth. Close enough.

Until now- at least for me. Because I have discovered the name for the day of equal light and darkness. It’s called Equilux. And because there is a name for it that both distinguishes it from the Equinox as well as relates to it, I feel relieved of the struggle to resolve the conflict between my expectations and reality (as far as this goes anyway).

I confess that I am much more partial to the Equilux than the Equinox (at least in the spring). The time when the light and darkness are balanced for an instant, yet poised to tumble towards the light is a hallelujah moment. Besides, the Equinox always comes after that day for all of us who don’t live right on the Equator. We have already moved into the light by then. It is really anticlimactic if you think about it.

But hey, why not celebrate both days- Spring is here!