dailybell: 6/17/18 - 6/24/18

Friday, June 22, 2018

The second longest day

June 22, 2018. Sunset 8:33 PM
Pescadero, CA.

The second longest day of sunlight, Liz and I ring it down along the coast. A rare and wonderful day. We had just sat through 1½ cycles of “Forest (for a thousand years)", a surround sound installation in the woods at UC Santa by Janet Cardiff and Bures. The sounds were so beautifully recorded and convincingly presented, we were transported.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Solstice- over the top!!

June 21, 2018. Sunset 8:34 PM
Garden of Memory at the Chapel of the Chimes. Oakland, CA

The most exuberant dailybell Solstice sunset ringing at the annual Garden of Memory event- ever!

Now to work on the ending…

Many thanks everyone who contributed to this glorious moment: to the Cardew Choir for their incredible 4-hour performance of Pauline Oliveros’ inspirational Heart Chant. Their long tones have been echoed and magnified by an inspired audience throughout the space, adding a magnificent chorus to the bells. To the enthusiastic members of the public who brought, bells, keys and their voices. Special thanks to the dailybell team (Jenny Holland, Vangie King, Julie Moon, Adria Otte, Alan Phillips, Wendy Reid, Norman Tuck) for distributing cards and bells and information prior to the performance. Wonderful video footage from Miriam Jacobs. And finally, to Sarah Cahill who started the Garden of Memory so many years ago and the New Music Bay Area team for pulling off this entire magnificent event every summer Solstice.

Winter Solstice Sunrise in June--

Hi Brenda!
While we were celebrating the longest day, my friend Warren Burt sent this as a reminder of what is to come...

Winter Solstice sunrise. Taken from V/Line commuter bus in Trentham, Victoria, Australia at about 7:55 am on Thursday morning 21 June, 2018. Frost on the meadows - minus 2 C (28.4 F), clear morning - first non-rainy day in about 2 weeks.



Thank you dear Warren!