dailybell: 8/30/20 - 9/6/20

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Day 168

September 5, 2020. Sunset 7:31 PM. San Francisco, CA.

“no one came. Keep well, Love Norman”
Day 168 Sheltering in place

bells for dessert

September 5, 2020. Sunset 7:30 PM. Ironwood, MI.

Dinner on the porch at sunset. Actually, we’ve eaten all of our meals outside today. Another fine dining experience- wonderful friends and special venue overlooking Lake Superior. Bells for dessert <3

Friday, September 4, 2020

DAY 167 arty

September 4, 2020. Sunset 7:33 PM. San Francisco, CA.

When Norman agreed to take over the evening bell ringing at home, he asked how he was supposed to ring and document at the same time. I said the most important thing was to ring the bell on time and then just snap a photo either before or after. “What should I take a picture of?” I suggested that he include the bell if he could and not to make it too “arty”.
So, this is the photo from this evening, and here’s what he wrote in the email with the photo attached. “Hi. No one showed up. Photo attached. All I can do is ‘arty’, I’m afraid. I did go to art school”.
Day 167 Sheltering in place

a Superior sunset

September 4, 2020. Sunset 7:32. Ironwood, MI. Just made it in time to watch the sun set over Lake Superior with my friend Kathy and her son, Sam. It’s amazing to be standing there in what until now has only been a beautiful looking landscape and to be breathing the air (not smoky), listening to the wind in the very tall birch trees--and looking at that view for real! Hoping to see a few hummingbirds tomorrow.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Double Duty Day

September 3, 2020. Sunset 8:07 PM. Valley City, North Dakota.

Coming down the home stretch of a 1000-mile drive—the final 5 hours! Riding on HWY 94 East, the sun was blasting in the rear-view mirror from the west. It was a no brainer to grab the phone/map/music player and hold it up to the mirror and snap this shot. Then drive for hours into the darkness.

Meanwhile… a little later in San Francisco-- Sunset 7:34 PM
Day 166 Sheltering in place--Another grey evening at home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Day 165 Community effort.

September 2, 2020. Sunset 7:36 PM
San Francisco, CA.

I love seeing friends and neighbors carrying on the tradition while keeping Norman company. The constant bleakness is in such contrast to the places I pass through. It’s weirdly grounding, though. Home.
Day 165 Sheltering in place.

Resting off the road

Sunset 7:57 PM. September 2, 2020.
Emigrant, MT.

Ringing bells again with Lisa and Will at sunset, just before another delicious meal in the most spectacular venue ever. There was zero wind this evening, so I recorded Will’s bells, while adding a few little tinkly sounds of my own.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

more fresh air

September 1, 2020. Sunset in North Crescent Bay Park in Laguna Beach at 7:15 from Elisabeth Beaird and Richard Marriott- also seeing the sun for a change.

Looks so nice-- The ocean is a miracle.

Day 164 forlorn

Sunset 7:39 PM. September 1, 2020.
San Francisco, CA.

Cold. Cloudy. Lonely. (such a contrast with this evening in Montana). Sorry Norman.
Day 164 Sheltering in place from one end of the street to the other -- BH

At ease- Emigrant, MT

Sunset 7:58 PM. September 1, 2020. Emigrant, MT.
Staying with my sister Lisa and Will for a few days before hitting the road again. Will made those bells- if it's not too windy tomorrow, I'll record them-- delicate and pure tones. Dingdong- M3 doorbell interval
This was sunset from her front yard. You can't see it, but the Yellowstone River runs down there long before you hit those mountains in the distance.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Day 163 San Francisco. Day 2 Cross Country journey- Idaho

August 31, 2020. Sunsets- 8:39 PM San Francisco/ 8:04 PM
near Pocatello, ID.

It’s so good to see our neighbors from across the street who have been putting up with the bell ringing since 2008—Thank you for keeping Norman company! Hello to Bernie and Mardi, too.
Day 163 Sheltering in place.

I miss our sunsets on the sidewalk. Here is a photo of the Sunset at 8:04 PM from the highway 86 between American Falls and Pocatello ID. Traveled today from Reno- heading to Emigrant, MT to stay with my sister.- BH

A smoky sunset

August 31, 2020. Sunset 7:36 PM Pacific Grove, CA. A smoky sunset

from Thea Farhadian

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Day 162 Norman takes over

August 30, 2020. Sunset 7:4o PM.
San Francisco, CA.

THANK YOU Norman for holding down the fort at home, ringing the big bell on the sidewalk with Bernie and Mardi this evening.
Day 162 Sheltering in place from one end of the street to the other.-- BH