dailybell: 12/30/12 - 1/6/13

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exploratorium on the Move

Sunset 1/2/13. 5:02 PM
The Exploratorium closing. San Francisco

This is the beginning of the 6th year of the dailybell sunrise and sunset observations. What had begun as a year-long project in 2008 has become what I hope is a life-long practice. And while the focus has shifted to something more personal, it is still my deepest wish and hope that a communal practice of this daily observation could transform society in a profound and positive way.

So in service of this aspiration, I would like to continue to find some ways of sharing observations as well as any benefits that I stumble upon in the course of this activity. While I have not yet figured out what form that will take this year- perhaps some documentation, writing, invitations, etc., I would like to make one more offering in the spirit of last year's weekly documentations.

This is a very special one for me as the sunset coincided with closing time on the final day of the Exploratorium’s location in the Palace of Fine Arts. As one of the many fortunate people who have had a relationship with this museum, I joined the almost 10,000 other visitors that day to say goodbye. Thank you Robyn Higdon for the public bell ringing! This was a glorious piggyback ride for the dailybell and a really lovely sounding experience as well.

I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!