dailybell: 6/13/21 - 6/20/21

Friday, June 18, 2021

Letter and Invitation to our Neighbors

We delivered little baggies of bells and this invitations to our immediate neighbors in advance of the Solstice this year— The letter:
“Hello neighbors- You have no doubt noticed that Norman and I have been ringing a bell at sunset ever since we began sheltering in place last year! What you may not know is that we have actually been observing every sunrise and sunset since 2008 as part of a dailybell project* (though usually with much quieter little bells). We hope that you have not found this too disruptive to your evening. Perhaps you may have even anticipated this end of the day commemoration.

This weekend is the beginning of summer. As we did last year at this time, we are planning to do a special observation in honor of the Solstice on Sunday, June 20th. We have included a plan (other side) and some bells for anyone who likes this idea (and is short on bells), and we invite you to join us.

Best wishes from your neighbors at 1358 35th Avenue.
Brenda and Norman”

The Invitation:
Celebrate the Summer Solstice – Sunday. June 20th this year.
I’ve distributed little bags of bells to my nearest neighbors and have invited them to join us.
If you like this idea, please join in wherever you are.

Surround the sunrise and/or sunset with a 10-minute observance, keeping in mind other people who have, are or will experience this same sunset sometime today.
For instance, sunset in the Bay Area (sunset 8:35)

8:32 Stop whatever you are doing and step outside or open a window.
Find a comfortable place to sit or stand.
Orient yourself towards the sunset, even if you can't see it.
Think of others elsewhere who may be joining you at this moment.
Ring a bell, sing or hum along.

8:37 - 8:38 Observe a moment of silence.
OPTIONAL: Invite your neighbors to join you.
To look up the sunrise or sunset times where you live: https://www.timeanddate.com/