dailybell: Meridian Interns Program

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meridian Interns Program

The Meridian Gallery Interns rang the bells at sunset this evening. “The Meridian Interns Program (MIP) is a paid internship for low-income teens from all over San Francisco in which Artist Instructors integrate art-making workshops with training in job-related skills”. I have worked on and off with this program for the past few years, and I love it. I was invited to come by the gallery this evening and tell the interns about the dailybell2008 project and to invite them to participate.

Watching the sun rise or set is not a typical urban activity, especially for teenagers, so this could be fun. MIP finishes at 6:00 PM so eventually the sun will set after they leave for the day. In the meantime, the interns have agreed to ring bells at sundown everyday at the Meridian Gallery (or a nearby location in the neighborhood) until it’s no longer possible. This should happen around the end of February.



Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
Hope you are well. I started filming the interns ringing as of this past Friday. I have posted two videos to youtube. I was thinking, due to our current lack of enough "real bells" (though I'm planning on going on a bell-buying trip!), and the often intensive projects that instructors have the interns doing during studio time, I would start taking small groups of two or three to do bell-ringing in various parts of the gallery or outside. Although I think it's important for them to ring as a group, I'm also interested in how a small rotating group of two or three interns would sound when they are asked to ring. So I'm thinking, for the time being, of having a big full group ring once a week, and then small group rings the rest of the week. Is that ok?
You can see the short videos I have so far here: http://www.youtube.com/user/meridiangallery
I'll be adding to them...I'll try to film them every day.
Ok! Hope your ringing is going well. Everyone I tell about the project falls in love with it.

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hi Adria-
This is so great- I will put a link to your youtubes. Thanks!