dailybell: 3/8/20 - 3/15/20

Saturday, March 14, 2020

the final blink

March 14, 2020. Sunset 7:05.
Ironwood, MI.

It looks really pretty when enlarged. When looking at a sunset, it always amazes me how fast the sun goes down.
- Kathy Roman

Friday, March 13, 2020

Aloha from the Hawaiian Equilux

March 13, 2020. Sunset 6:35.
Lahaina, HI.

Check out the sunrise and sunset times...

Aloha from Lahaina, Hawaii. Check this sunset on equilux.
- Joe Pokrifka

Sailing into the Sunset

March 13, 2020. Sunset 7:35.
Key West, FL.

Wow! My friend Linda snapped this beautiful sunset in Key West.

- Joe Pokrifka

Monday, March 9, 2020

2020 March 9 Seattle sunset, full moon & prayers

Today is the Chotrul Düchen in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. It is believed that on this day the results of our thoughts, words and actions are multiplied by 10 million.

It's an opportunity to create huge positive results and dedicating the merit to the happiness and enlightenment of all beings.

As my camera points over Lake Washington from Seattle to the horizon over Kirkland, I pray for all beings and wish them good health and happiness. This is the area with the greatest number of people who have passed away from COVID19 in the USA to date.

~ dailybell 2020 collaboration with Caterina De Re

Full Moon Rise upon the Fairy Garden

March 9, 2020. Sunrise 7:28 AM.
Berkeley, CA.

For observing the full moon sunrise Monday, I got up at 6am , thinking that the sunrise would be 6:28. It wasn't!!! I was up an hour early, which enabled me to witness the amazing moon in the first shot -YAY! An hour later, I took the moon again, and after ringing the sunrise bell , I took the next photos - 1. 2.the white outer part of the ceanothus blossom which looks like snow on the hummingbird sage, 3. first poppy of the season in the garden, 4. ceanothus and fiery red pineapple sage blossoms. It's SPRING!
- Nancy Beckman

3.9.20 - full-moon-sunrise by Rae Diamond

March 9, 2020. Sunrise 7:28 AM.
Berkeley, CA.

Here's my full-moon sunrise bell-voice for this month.

I performed it on 3/9, but only had a chance to upload it today :)
– Rae Diamond