dailybell: Day 161 bon voyage

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Day 161 bon voyage

August 29, 2020. Sunset 7:42 PM.
San Francisco, CA.

Thank you Bernie, Mardi and Matt for joining us this evening- It was pretty nice – the grey fog MINUS the smoke. I’m looking forward to clearer skies as I make my way across the US. I need to go to New York to see my father-- I am driving and camping out in the backyards of friends and family between here and there— COVID safe as possible.
Norman will continue to hold down the fort here – ringing the big bell on the sidewalk every night. I will also be ringing every sunrise and sunset across the Northern US, sharing them as we share the sky --- (but not with actual daily documentation)😬
Day 161 Sheltering in place from one end of the street to the other. -- BH

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