dailybell: FAREWELL, FOR NOW

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sunset. December 31, 2008 Leaving the Pamida grocery store in Bozeman, MT
Happy New Year!
I had no idea how many exceptionally generous and wonderful people I knew. I was and am overwhelmed and humbled by your support, creativity and generosity.

Regarding the Solstice- Thank you all for your kind and immediate offers of assistance and for the many fabulous solstice recordings you sent in on such short notice. That was beyond luck. The Solstice Sunwatch recordings are so incredible, and they would have never happened under ordinary circumstances. If I had to point to a single moment from this past year in terms of gauging the success of the dailybell2008 project, that was the moment. Thank you all; truly, from a part of myself I hadn’t known existed.

I have decided to continue to observe the sunrises and sunsets as a daily practice-- I really like it. I haven't figured out yet where to take the project but have some ideas.

In the meantime, let's continue to track the sun...


Unknown said...

We love the bells and will miss them when you are out of town. We will ring our bells as often as we can in your absence!
Gracyn and Henry

Unknown said...

Hi Brenda and Norm!

We will miss your bells while you are away, but will ring each day in your absence. Have a wonderful trip and we can't wait to ring with you when you return!

Gracyn and Henry

Brenda Hutchinson said...

Thanks you guys! You are the best bell ringers. We will miss you, too-- We can ring bells on both coasts in the meantime.
Hugs to you, too
Brenda and Norman

pnewl said...

hi there. I don't have your gmail address so am writing here. great to be with you. author i mentioned is john burdett/bangkok 8. email me and I will send you an invite to angel island--with all our chatting I forgot to mention it again.

i miss the daily bell. xox